How it feels to be a mother for the first time

How it feels to be a mother for the first time

Every mother in life knows that when you become the mother of a newborn, everything undergoes tremendous changes. Let me tell you, as a mother who has just given birth, my heart is filled with complex emotions and feelings.

Joy and excitement: When I first held my baby, words couldn't describe my joy and excitement. At that moment, I looked at those clear eyes and smile, feeling my heart melt. This little life is in my arms and is the most precious gift in my life.

Anxiety and uncertainty: However, with joy comes anxiety and uncertainty. I began to worry about my baby's health, whether I could fulfill my responsibilities as a mother, and whether I could meet the baby's needs. Every time a baby cries or refuses to sleep, I feel anxious. My maternal sense of responsibility keeps me constantly thinking and worrying about whether I am doing well enough.

Fatigue and sleepless nights: Newborns bring countless sleepless nights. I was awakened by frequent crying and night feeding, and I felt exhausted. Fatigue also exacerbates anxiety, and sometimes I feel like I don't know how to cope.

Expectation and Love: However, every baby's smile, every baby's growth and progress, fills me with anticipation and love. I like to watch my baby roll over for the first time, try to sit up, and make the first call to Mom and Dad. These moments make me feel infinite love and happiness.

As a new mother, my heart is filled with joy, anxiety, sleeplessness, and love. Every day is a new challenge, but every moment is worth it because I know that my baby will accompany me through more beautiful times and grow together.
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