How Long Can A Newborn Be In A Swing?

How Long Can A Newborn Be In A Swing?

Do you use a baby swing to help your newborn sleep every day? Or do you put your little one in a baby swing all day? New parents, especially those who have little knowledge about how to take care of newborns, may have done it. But for the sake of healthy growth, this is not good for the development of babies. If you don't pay attention to the amount of time you put your baby in the baby swing, your child will be in big trouble.

Still, the statistics are staggering for families that have used baby swings. Between 2009 and 2012, more than 350 safety incidents related to baby swings were reported, including two infant deaths and 24 injuries. 
But that's not to say that a baby swing should be blacklisted. If used correctly, baby swings can bring calm, a better parenting experience, and infants' comfort when they're crying all night long.

Can a newborn be put in a baby swing?

The answer is definitely yes because baby swings were invented especially for newborns. But all parents need to be aware that, unlike a crib or bassinet, a baby swing is not intended for sleeping. The rhythmic movement of the swing is likely to make your baby fall asleep. If your baby accidentally falls asleep in the swing, move them to a comfortable crib as soon as possible.

How long can a baby swing be used a day?

Is there a daily time limit for using the baby swing? There it is! According to most experts, the answer to the question of how long you should use the baby swing is an hour a day and no more than 30 minutes at a time.
It may seem unreasonable, but the fact is that the longer you use the swing and the longer the interval, the more likely your baby is to be in danger. That's because it can lead to bleeding and brain damage over time.

How to use a baby swing safely

Besides time constraints, the following safety tips are of equal importance.

  1. Buy a baby swing that is sturdy and resistant to deformation. Make sure the baby swing is equipped with a five-point harness.
  2. Please follow the manufacturer's instructions. Read the instructions carefully before you start using the baby swing, find out the maximum weight limit for the stroller, and follow any precautions recommended by the manufacturers.
  3. Infants under 4 months should be placed in the most tilted swinging position. That is because a newborn's neck muscles are still developing and cannot fully support the weight of the head.
  4. Toys on the baby swing should be stable so that they don't fall off easily. Prevent children from being injured or accidentally eating while playing with these toys.
  5. Make sure the baby swing is visible at all times and do not let your baby in the baby swing unattended.

Why is it inappropriate to put an infant in a baby swing for long periods?

  1. Babies are eager to interact with their parents and don't like to be held in a fixed position for a long time. While the movement of the swing is soothing, the baby can't hear the mother's voice or see her face, which can cause anxiety in the baby.

  2. Being fixed in a baby swing for a long time is not good for a baby's growth and development. A child in a baby swing cannot practice crawling, and sometimes the swing is strong enough to prevent the baby from lifting his head.

  3. Experts warn that some babies may become dizzy if they are rocked continuously in baby swings, causing them to cry and lose sleep.


A proper baby swing and a safe procedure are essential for the growth of babies. Use the baby swing for no more than an hour a day, with a 30-minute intervals. In addition, follow safety tips when using baby swings and be aware that babies cannot sleep in swings.
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