The exquisite techniques of breastfeeding and scientific breast milk preservation

The exquisite techniques of breastfeeding and scientific breast milk preservation

Breastfeeding is a precious time for a baby's growth, and reasonable breastfeeding techniques and scientific breast milk preservation can bring better health and nutrition to the baby. Here are some tips for breastfeeding and scientific advice on breast milk preservation.

Breastfeeding techniques
1. Correct breastfeeding posture:
Choose a comfortable chair and posture to ensure that the baby can suck correctly, with the nipple located in the center of the baby's mouth.

2. Frequent breastfeeding:
According to the baby's needs, it is recommended to breastfeed every 2 to 3 hours and maintain a certain frequency at night.

3. Observe the sucking rhythm:
Learn to observe the baby's sucking rhythm and ensure that each breast is fully stimulated.

4. Pay attention to the baby's satiety:
Pay attention to the baby's satiety signal, do not force breastfeeding, and maintain a pleasant breastfeeding experience.

5. Stay relaxed:
Maintaining a relaxed mood during breastfeeding helps promote milk secretion.

Breast milk preservation
1. Refrigeration method:
Place freshly extracted breast milk in the refrigerator freezer, ensuring a temperature of 0-4 degrees Celsius, but avoiding prolonged refrigeration time.

2. Freezing method:
Unused breast milk can be placed in a freezer with a temperature below minus 18 degrees Celsius. Pay attention to marking the save time.

3. Packaging and storage:
Divide breast milk into small portions, which can be more convenient for on-demand retrieval.

4. Different containers for storage:
Use specialized breast milk bags or glass bottles to store breast milk and avoid using plastic bags to prevent the impact of plastic dissolution on breast milk.

5. Reasonable labeling:
Mark the date and time on the saved container to ensure that it is used in a certain order.

Parenting experience
1. Communicate with doctors:
Regarding issues related to breastfeeding and breast milk preservation, feel free to consult a doctor for professional advice.

2. Maintain water intake:
Breastfeeding mothers need to maintain good water intake to ensure sufficient milk secretion.

3. Good diet:
A mother's diet is crucial for the growth of her baby, consuming more fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

4. Reasonable rest:
Reasonable rest is the key to maintaining physical and mental health, ensuring that babies have a healthy growth environment.

Breastfeeding is a special and wonderful time, which can be made smoother and more enjoyable through reasonable breastfeeding techniques and scientific breast milk preservation. With the accumulation of experience, mothers will gradually master more parenting skills and accompany their babies to grow up healthy.
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