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LAREX Double Bottle Warmer

LAREX Double Bottle Warmer

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11-in-1 Multi-Function: From fast warming to sterilizing, this bottle warmer caters to all your needs, ensuring a precise and safe feeding experience for you and your little one.

Instant Fast Warming: Heat two bottles of breast milk or formula quickly in just 3.5-8 mins. Memory function saves time for busy moms, making late-night feedings a breeze.

Preserves Nutrients in Breast Milk: Gentle water bath heating preserves the nutritional value of breast milk. Precise temp control and auto shut-off ensure the ideal temperature for your baby's feeding.

Perfect for Night Feeding: Simplify nighttime feeding with the 24H Thermostat System, keeping breast milk warm for 24 hours. Soothe hunger cries quickly, making nighttime feedings easier.

Parent's Best Helper: Compatible with all bottles, including wide, narrow, and angled types. Double bottle design is perfect for twin feeding. Ideal baby shower gift for families.

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